About us


Even though Maud has always been crafting jewelry, for a long time it remained a hobby and she did not take the leap toward production and sales of her creations until 2016, a few years back, when she teamed up with Jacques.

Together, they first started diversifying the range of items they could craft, and following up in 2017, they naturally decided to start producing for other people. For a while, they only crafted jewelry for friends and family. And everybody was so pleased! Importantly, for each item offered to their relatives, they would get positive (and negative!) feedbacks on its design. This ensured the continuous improvements of our collections.

When realizing people’s enthusiasm toward their creations, they started following a more professional approach. A crafting “roadmap” was thoroughly optimized for each item of their collection. A complete inventory of supplies and suppliers was progressively put together. From there, the last step was to put in on display for everyone to see it!

Sooner than they thought, they built a whole set of resources useful to start selling their products. The last step was to build a platform for sales. To ensure easy transactions, FOVEA decided to start selling on Etsy first. Now, they are moving on to develop their own independent sales website.


The material present in all our products is the incredibly stunning elytron. The elytron is the protective part of wings of many insects. Sternocera aequisignata, also known as the Jewel Bettle, is the insect from which our elytra are harvested. These elytra are mainly green but their strong red/copper or blue tints are revealed when light shines upon them, in a magical explosion of colors.

Since each piece of jewelry has its own elytra, each item is unique! Admire the photo gallery on our website and see how the colors vary based on where the light comes from!

The reason why these colors are so vivid and shiny is because they are not from pigments. The physical structure of the elytra is a mesh which the natural light goes through to reveal in red, gold, copper, green, blue and purple shades. It is the exact same phenomenon happening when a rainbow appears, only in a wearable unique piece of jewelry!


Because our collections are so colorful, we wanted to find a name to represent our products in harmony with them. The fovea is the precise part of the eye where all the light is perceived and where all details get sublimated.

We believe that our products, when seen through individuals’ fovea, will stun and appeal them!

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Who we are

We are a team of young designers working in our studio based in the heart of Paris.

    Maud is the heart of the team. From her creative imagination and talent to visualize the best combinations of materials and colors possible, she designs most of our products. Her long expertise in hand-crafting also makes her a valuable asset when it comes to finding ingenious ways to assemble our products!


    Jacques is in charge of the numerous administratives tasks to keep the crafting rollin'! Besides, he's also always ready to craft pieces of jewelry to refill the stocks.


    Missy is, well... always around and ready to try out the new creations as soon as they emerge from our minds!


Our advantages

A unique jewelry

Our collection is crafted using elytra which provide incredibly bright and shiny colors to your items. Matched with your favorite metal, these colors enhance your natural charisma and will have every head turn behind you.

Planet friendly

Be ecological even with your jewelry! At FOVEA, we craft our products from up-cycled material. Elytra are a bi-product obtained from the Jewel Bettle after it has been used as a source of food, and never from bred populations of bettles!

Crafted with love

Every item that we craft here at FOVEA has been thought, hand-crafted, tested and packed for safe shipping. Should you encounter any issue with your purchase, we are easy to contact and will provide all the support needed.